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Year after year, MaidPro keeps making Forbes Entrepreneur’s Top 500 Franchises list. How do they keep their brand so neat and tidy?

From promise through service and follow-up, what a brand delivers and what the customer expects must be one in the same. However, designing a brand strategy and identity guidelines across a franchise poses some unique challenges. While the franchisor can dictate standards, ultimately it is the franchisees who deliver on that promise. If they’re incapable or unwilling to do so, customers will soon find they’re not getting the service they expected.

Not all cleaning companies are alike, nor are the people whose homes they service. People have quirks and want things done just their way. This isn’t an easy undertaking for an international franchise. However, most cleaning companies are in the cleaning business, but Maidpro is different. MaidPro is in the customer service business. Having earned a spot in Forbes’ top ten “Best Franchises in America” year after year, Maidpro is in a unique position to deliver on such a promise.

Before and After Logo

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The "Bubble Motif"

MaidPro’s logo was based on the refraction effect of bubbles in the real world. By off-setting one of the bubbles where the two overlapped, we created a three-dimensional effect with only flat art. This not only creates a unique and legally protectable mark, it sets the stage for using refraction across MaidPro’s visual identity, from graphics to advertising.

Brand Standards

Fast growth can quickly lead to a disjointed brand identity. We developed detailed brand standards that extended from the obvious, logo and color usage, style & tone, to rules and guidelines for making decisions that may not be directly addressed. In a fast-paced world where new technology and platforms are released each day, this allows MaidPro to decentralize decision making while still ensuring the consistency of its brand aesthetic.


As individual property owners increasingly set their own specific rules for signage, Blackcoffee created adaptable guidelines that address the most common types of signage.

Above and beyond

MaidPro was founded on the idea that everyone is particular, in their own particular way. This insight led to the brand’s underlying position and is captured by the brand’s tagline (above).

After introducing the new designs, we started to see more responses from potential customers. Our cost per lead went down, and we saw our conversion rates increase in many of our marketing segments. Additionally, our closing ratio rose by about 10%–15%. We believe this was a result of our new logo giving people confidence in our brand.

—Mark Kushinsky CEO, MaidPro

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